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Like many other insects, ants are not picky eaters. Most are very happing snacking on plants or pet food and love our sugary leftovers and greasy food wrappers. Ants enter your home and forage for their colonies in your kitchen, your kid’s room or at the foot of your garbage cans and although their nest typically is outdoors, ants often invade your home through tiny cracks around doors, pipes, and windows.


Once your local ants find a food supply they like, they alert other ants in their colony by releasing chemicals called pheromones making it easy to find the food source in your home. Once inside, ants are great at staying alive and making themselves at home and creating a thriving colony that’s hard to kill.


If ants have taken over your Boston home or business give us a call or request a free ant extermination quote now!


Among the many types of ants in our area that can invade your home are:


  • Avoid leaving pet food dishes out for long periods of time

  • Caulk and seal all cracks and crevices around your home

  • Trim tree branches and shrubs that touch the outside of your house

  • Eliminate standing water and fix leaks right away

  • Seal around all plumbing that leads in or out of your home


If you see a trail of tiny black specs moving along your kitchen counter, you may already have a serious ant problem. Once ants have invaded your house seek the help from a licensed pest professional before they dig deep. AllPest pest professional will identify which species of ants are present and resolve the problem fast and safe.


Once inside your walls or anywhere else in your home the only solution is finding the main nest where the queen and all the other ants are. You can try following the ant trail back to the main colony but this is near impossible as the trail may go behind skirting boards, along the inside of the walls and out somewhere at the other end of the house.


Homeowners and business we work with often see a few of these ants in their kitchens or bathrooms and quickly reach for a paper towel, household cleaner or the nearest can of over the counter bug spray. None of those options will solve the problem and one, spraying the wrong type of pesticide, can actually make the problem worse. Small colonies can quickly grow into large colonies with 50,000 to 100,000 ants.


If you see a small gathering of ants such as the ones above, call or contact the professionals at ALLPEST ASAP. Prompt action will help fix your problem before the colony grows to scary proportions.

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