Wasp Infestation and Removal


Paper wasps get their name from the nest they make, which consists of and looks like a paper-like material as well as the distinctive shape of their nests. Wasp stings are quite painful and quickly become a memorable experience for adults and children alike. Once you spot a Paper Wasp or any other large nest, contact ALLPEST pest management. We provide residential and commercial wasp & bee control in Boston, Amesbury, MA, & the New Hampshire area.


Wasp Habits

Paper wasps live in small colonies and tend to be semi-social, with a healthy diet that consists of nectar, caterpillars and flies.


Wasp Habitat

Paper wasps can hang their nests almost anywhere and really don’t show a specific preference, but typically you will find theses nests hanging from twigs or tree branches, shrubs, window or doorframes, nooks, crannies, rafters, deck floor joists, garden feeders and dog or tree houses/play sets. Winter sees impregnated wasps trying to make it indoors and try to keep warm while waiting to find a good place to nest.


Wasp Danger

Paper wasps tend to become a bother when you approach their nests on purpose or not and become a threatening presence to the wasps. Stings are painful and require attention due to risk of allergic reaction as with any other stinging insect.


Wasp Prevention

Always check for paper wasp nests on the underside of hanging planters, when trimming shrubs or hedges, picking fruit or cleaning rain gutters. Wood fences and deck railings can both be treated with repellent oil to stop paper wasps from collecting cellulose from the wood to nest. Once you suspect you have a paper wasp infestation or stumble across a nest on your home or property, don’t try to remove it on your own, you will get stung and it will hurt.


Wasp, Hornet & Yellow Jacket Warning!

If you can’t identify what kind of wasps you actually have a nest of, do not approach with just any kind of spray insecticide. Hornets, Wasps and Bees are not all the same and will react differently to poisons not suited to them specifically. So before you go out with a can of WD-40 to kill that wasp or hornet nest, keep in mind you are about to agitate a whole colony of flying stinging terror. Hope you’re FAST!!

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