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Pigeons are well known as the number one pest bird the country, often referred to as “flying rats” and considered to be just as filthy. Quite often forgotten, all bird droppings contain acidic components, which are corrosive and cause damage to all types of buildings, vehicles and other property in a very short amount of time.

Some birds have pinpoint GPS, so once they find a friendly place to call home it is virtually impossible to get rid of them without professional assistance.


If a flock takes hold of a property, no matter the flock size, it creates a social environment which promotes future generation procreation. So a tiny flock becomes a huge issue in just a small amount of time. Because they lay eggs on bare surfaces as well as nests, getting rid of pigeons isn't as simple as just removing one or two nests. Fortunately, AllPest pest management provides bird control products that can effectively resolve any pigeon problem you may have.


Birds cause tons of damage any area; their feces is highly corrosive, roosting flocks can backing up gutters and drains, damaging roofs, air conditioning units and other roof top equipment. In fact, not only is their physical damage to property, they also attract bacteria and destroy the appearance of your company or home.  


There are plenty of ways to handle a Bird Flock Management:


  • Easy to use and install Bird-Coils provide an effective deterrent against pigeons roosting on ledges, windowsills, corner nooks or behind outdoor signs. Typically made of coiled loops of stainless steel, Bird-Coil makes a humane barrier which prevents pigeons and other birds from landing and nesting. 

  • Bird-Slide is a bird control barrier that creates 45-degree on eaves and ledges, visually and physically deterring pigeons.

  • Plastic Screech Owls can also be placed to scare away certain birds like Pigeons by introducing what appears to be a natural predator just waiting for them to land. 

  • Bird-Shock Flex-Track product that deters birds by giving them an electric shock when they land, 


AllPest has years of pest control to successfully remove birds from any building.  Our products have been proven effective year after year, at every location we have treated.   


Here is a short list of the damages caused by these pests:


  • Physical damage caused by caustic droppings on buildings to paint, equipment and facilities.

  • Nesting materials pose a serious fire hazard should the end up in electrical equipment.

  • Drains and gutters can become clogged due to nesting materials, causing heavy backups on roof tops resulting in leaks and in extreme cases, structural collapses.

  • Droppings on sidewalks can be very slippery, presenting a potential danger for accidental slips and falls.

  • A/C systems and intake vents are prime spots for nesting pigeons and will bring debris and droppings into your air supply.  

  • Pest birds can spread over 60 diseases to humans and animals such as Salmonella and Meningitis.


Some birds are not migratory, their instinct is to stay near their birth site and continue to grow their community. This trait makes the pigeon very determined when it comes to roosting and remaining at a specific location, much to the chagrin of property owners everywhere. Their cycle is to roost at night, feed in the morning and leave droppings everywhere, all day.  


AllPest has the right solution for every location, our technicians help you find the answer to your Pigeon or other Flock problem and provide you with real-time support that you need to get rid of your pest problem.


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