Lawn and Garden Pests


There are plenty of tricks you can use for garden areas, flowerbeds and other property enhancements you may have. Certain insects are very helpful in providing complete protection against infestations but are in turn quite harmless to people, gardens and flowers. Best of all when you create this microcosm of helpful insects your garden or flowerbed becomes entirely organic and pesticide free. One need only take the time to remediate a minor pest problem, it is also important to have pest control professional visit your property, with regular upkeep recommended at least twice a year to keep your property and family safe from pest invasion.


The Insects to avoid are easy to remember:

  • Mosquitos

  • Wasps

  • Fleas

  • Ticks

  • Beetles

  • Centipedes


The best way to eliminate this issue is by remediating breeding areas by removing stagnant water, overgrown grassy and clogged rain gutters or wet leaf piles. For immediate prevention mow your lawn, change birdbath water, empty and flip kiddie pools and also sweep out rain puddles after rainstorms. Never risk spreading mosquito infections from viruses carried by the mosquitoes, check which personal repellent product is best suited for your outdoor activities. 

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