Mosquito Control in Boston and the Suburbs


Mosquitoes provide hours of entertainment and fun for you and your family with their buzzing, biting and their transmitting of mosquito-borne diseases. AllPest’s Mosquito Reduction and Control Plan is a detailed program customized to each specific situation.


AllPest’s treatment controls the larval phase of mosquitoes in your area, without endangering the fragile ecosystem of your office, backyard or garden. Our treatment prevents further mosquito development and reduces future populations of biting adult mosquitoes in your home or business.



Bug spray chemicals used in mosquito repellent is at times the least effective mosquito control technique, ALLPEST recommends you take steps to reduce the number of mosquitoes in their yards without using bug spray. 


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Backyard mosquito control tips:


  • Keep lawn & ornamental plants well trimmed.

  • Eliminate standing water.


Home mosquito control essentials: 


  • Clean gutters to prevent mosquito breeding.

  • Look for standing water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still puddles, fountains and pools.

  • Always Check: Birdbaths & pet dishes regularly and dump any water that’s collected in pots or other containers around your area.

  • Backyard: Use colored lights in the backyard and try to wear dark colors when gardening to avoid mosquitoes.

  • Mosquito pest control: Consult with our mosquito pest control experts to prevent future infestations.


AllPest will treat your property with residual control measures to target areas where adult mosquitoes land or rest thereby helping reduce and control active adult mosquito populations and preventing future colonies from appearing.


Mosquitoes in your area are no joke, carrying and spreading a myriad of deadly diseases to both people and animals alike. Effective Mosquito treatment is essential to maintain your home, business and quality of life.


ALLPEST offers mosquito control for the both Massachusetts and New Hampshire with available support for residential, commercial and industrial customers.



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