Protecting your family from summer pests

Summer is when families get out to enjoy picnics, lazy pool days, barbecues, camping trips and everything else in the great outdoors. Summer is also the season when unwanted insects and area wildlife invade homes, businesses and summer cabins in search of safety and sustenance. Some insects are simply a nuisance, buzzing about the house, causing swatting and scratching while others cause absolute terror to anyone around.

At Allpest we love providing tips to defend your family from summer pests, protect your gardens from burrowing invaders and ensure your property’s wildlife problem is quickly and humanely dealt with.

Mosquito invasions happen fast and typically begin in nearby standing pools of water, planters or other water sources in the area. Mosquitoes are very dangerous and spread disease and disruptive are most destructive and deadly species on Earth. Studies have shown that mosquitoes have transmitted inter-species disease organisms from swine, birds and other animals to humans and domestic animals.

The best way to eliminate this issue is by remediating breeding areas by removing stagnant water, overgrown grassy and clogged rain gutters or wet leaf piles. For immediate prevention mow your lawn, change birdbath water, empty and flip kiddie pools and also sweep out rain puddles after rainstorms. Never risk spreading mosquito infections from viruses carried by the mosquitoes, check which personal repellent product is best suited for your outdoor activities.

Ants will invade your home all summer, hiding from heat and rain, looking for food and burrowing into your home for permanent nesting. Most ants dart through your home through between cracks and gaps, generally in search of the perfect living space and feeding ground. For prevention you can start off sealing any openings you find, checking for moisture areas, which can attract more ants, disinfect countertops and sweep for food crumbs. Ants are attracted to sweet things and once they find them will leave a track of pheromones for others in their colony to follow.

Termites are quite active during the summer season and cause billions of dollars in damages to commercial and residential property. They invade homes and gnaw wood; eventually property owners may notice their presence too late, when the weakening of wood structuring and floors begins to occur. Termites will continue eating away at your property until there’s nothing but a shell of the property you once had left.

Ticks are cling onto pets, travel on area wildlife and love to latch on to human buffets to spread Lyme disease; that IS very risky to humans. In order to prevent tick infestation in your home, first start with your pets. Most large pet supply retailers carry monthly skin applications or chewable medication to prevent your pet from gathering unwanted hitchhikers. Start by seeing a vet before applying over the counter products to your pets incase of allergies or improper dosage. At times, other options may be available for your area through local vets.

While living in Texas some friends mentioned injections which were available for year round protection from Feline ticks which infest both types of house pets and latch to humans as well.

Other organic methods are available as well, with garlic being chief among available tick and flea deterrent. Always remember that your pet’s health and the environment will dictate the treatment best used, don’t use guess work and endanger your four legged loved ones; see a vet.

Trying to remove hives without any special skill can lead to an attack that can cause death!

Wasps and hornets are spiteful and hostile invaders, their nests are quite large and house dangerous hives. Unlucky homeowners will have prevention issues with these insects building nests under trees, barns, garages or eaves. One should never handle a nest singlehandedly, instead call a professional who won’t endanger themselves, can determine if additional hives exist in the area and provide deterrence of future hives.

SO let’s go over what you need to do to start your summer pest free:

Mow your lawn, or better yet have one of your loving children do it; it builds character.

Avoid yard sections that border wooded areas, ticks can rub off branches on to your skin remember to wear clothes that cover up your if hiking or camping to prevent ticks from attaching themselves directly to your skin. Applying repellents on your feet and legs provides some protection against mosquitoes and ticks. Professional pest control companies provide area treatment in most cases to prevent certain insect infestations, check with a professional in your area as to what measures are allowed.

There are plenty of tricks you can use for garden areas, flowerbeds and other property enhancements you may have. Certain insects are very helpful in providing complete protection against infestations but are in turn quite harmless to people, gardens and flowers. Best of all when you create this microcosm of helpful insects your garden or flowerbed becomes entirely organic and pesticide free. One need only take the time to remediate a minor pest problem, it is also important to have pest control professional visit your property, with regular upkeep recommended at least twice a year to keep your property and family safe from pest invasion.

Steven Yaniz

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