Pesticides and Children

The Smelly Bugsprays Homeowners tend to use pesticides regularly during the spring and summer months, in the hopes of protecting their homes, their property and their families from pest incursions; this could later prove to have lasting effects on those exposed to them. All pesticides are created to kill pests, according to the National Institutes of Health these include fungicides, herbicides, and rodenticides. As well as bug & insect repellant, weed killers, rat poisons or bait and your pet’s flea shampoo.

Are you at risk?

Pesticides are harmful to everyone, but children of all ages are especially sensitive to health risks posed by pesticides. A child’s internal organs are still developing and are susceptible to effects from toxins, the younger the child the stronger the possible effects. Infants and toddlers are at greater risks from pesticides because they play on the floor or the lawn, areas where pesticides are usually applied. Babies tend to put things in their mouths, which greatly increases their risk factor.

Certain types of pesticides have been linked to childhood cancers, learning disabilities, and asthma. In truth, the effects of many of these chemicals are unknown, making minimization of any exposure to pesticides a top priority, especially around pregnant women, infants or small children. Always remember a child’s exposure can happen one of several ways: skin contact, inhalation, or ingestion.

When it comes to accidental ingestion by a child, far too many poisons stored in containers have been mistaken for sweeteners or other common food items. The EPA reports that there are around 2 million poisoning per year in America with 50% involving children and 90% of those calls involve ‘at home’ poisonings.

Keeping Your Family Safe

Don’t routinely use pesticides; instead reach for a can of pesticide when there is a real issue or symptoms of infestation. Remember the exposure to these chemicals by your family, the better.

Read labels. DIY pest control tends to lead to overuse of pesticides and baits. When you applying these chemicals be sure to read labels carefully and stick to the recommended amounts. More poison doesn’t necessarily mean you will exterminate your problem any sooner. Once your done remember to store everything safely.

Ask questions. When the issue requires a pesticide company, ask lots of questions about the chemicals to be used and the possible lingering effects after the application. Pest control companies offer eco-friendly and all natural solutions that are safer, cheaper and sometimes more effective.

Exclusion. Making your home ‘pest-free’ includes screening and sealing openings that provide entry for insects. Keeping things clean inside and out of the home, disposing of garbage properly and keeping landscape cared for. Natural remedy solutions can be found online and purchased at local hardware and retail stores. Remember that natural pesticides are still pesticides and therefore dangerous, don’t leave them lying around within reach. Some natural formulations include hot pepper spray, wood ash, natural oils, and even baking soda.

Get Help! Some pests are not made for DIY projects or guesswork and natural remedies. Contact a pest control professional before an infestation gets any worse. In general, it is usually safe to have a pest control company spray in a home with children. However, keep in mind that different types of compounds are used, depending on your extermination needs. Always contact a representative from the company in advance of the treatment to see if it is safe and if any precautions are necessary, like waiting for the treatment to dry or not spraying in play areas. Make sure that the company is providing treatments only when they are necessary, and find out if they provide any natural treatments or alternative solutions to the pest problem.


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