Natural Remedies and Ideas for Pest Control

No one wants ants, spiders or roaches as houseguests but some pesticides cause allergic reactions and are dangerous to children of all ages. Don’t fret, there are less toxic remedies you can buy or make yourself with common household ingredients that may provide a solution for you. For Roaches you can use boric acid in childproof containers (Roach Motels are just as good and safe) and place them under kitchen sinks, pantries and cabinets where they tend to hide. Check for leaks and overly humid areas in your home, these provide the water a colony needs to grow. Spiders are actually helpful because they prey on other insects but it’s human nature to sometimes freak out at their presence. If so, vacuum corners and around windowsills monthly to rid them of spider webs or eggs, remember to dump out the vacuum canister once done. You can even Google captured spiders to make yourself feel better about their presence. For Ants, fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water, spray around doorways, windows, and other hot spots. Other eco-friendly, plant oil solutions are available at stores near you. For Mice it all depends on how you want to deal with them. You can use traditional snap-traps with bait, sticky gel glue traps or live traps which cage the mouse for later release. Glue or gel traps can also be used for catch and release, just remember you’ll be dealing with a live scared mouse that WILL bite. Traps work best placed along walls, with the bait end flush against because mice typically run along walls. Always keep traps of all kinds away from children and pets. Snap traps can break fingers, injure paws, tongues and noses or even suffocate household pets. For outdoor issues you can try scented garbage bags (with natural oils like eucalyptus and mint) that repel rodents and mask food odors. Bats will tear your home apart if you allow them and some bats are protected in some areas, so it’s a crime to kill them. A colony will nest around chimneys, in attics or behind shutters, loose siding and shingles. Exclusion is the only way to deal with them. If you do have issues with Bats, professional help is the best way to go. Bats bite, have rabies and can cause major headaches to the uninformed. While there are plenty of options for natural remedies the safest bet especially if you have young children in the house is to hire a pest control company.

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