New Hampshire and Massachusetts Bat Infestation and Exclusion.

AllPest Pest Management offers humane wildlife and animal control services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts area. We offer control solutions for nuisance wildlife including birds, raccoons, skunks, snakes, squirrels and other indigenous animals. Our proven and humane methods resolve wildlife problems at your commercial or residential property.


When bats occupy a home or attic they leave behind their guano and urine, which can quickly spread a variety of diseases like histoplasmosis.

AllPest technicians are familiar with all aspects of bat netting, trapping, excluding but more importantly we know how to keep them out of your home or business assuring you a safe and livable environment. AllPest provides professional bat control, bat exclusions and soiled insulation replacement.

Bat Control Professionals

If you think you have bats in attic, walls or garage you need a company that not only will get rid of bats, but actually do a permanent bat exclusion and attic cleanup including the replacement of soiled insulation.

Why Not Kill the Bats?

Bats are one of the best natural means of insect control and simply killing bats to correct a bat problem and isn’t very smart and in some cases endangered bat species are protected by federal and state laws.

Most nuisance bat problems are the result of poor home maintenance or neglect by the builder. Any small crevices, broken screens or loose shingles provide a great entryway for them to begin a colony. Most contractors have little knowledge of how to prevent bats from entering your home , AllPest provides a thorough inspection of your home and property to identify the problem and correct it. We inspect your entire property and provide pointers for needed changes to the habitat on your property to no longer be a welcoming sight for bats to nest in.

We provide bat exclusion services that actually do no harm to bats and allow bats to leave and not regain access to your home or business. and never actually have to handle the bats.

  • Bats both large and small are insectivores, with each consuming about 1000 insects an hour each and every night. When handled properly, Bats can be returned to the wild and help us keep all the bug populations down.

  • Bats are flying mammals and live in colonies if you see a bat resting near your property, it’s pretty easy to conclude a colony is near by. Bats love to colonize and nest in your attic, abandoned sheds and barns, behind shutters or even the hollows of a tree.

  • Bats will bite if handled and their tiny, razor sharp teeth will leave you wondering why you grabbed it in the first place. They should only be handled by a trained and experienced professional, wearing proper protection and exercising extreme care in their handling.

  • Bats are not blind but instead of relying on just their sight, they use their finely tuned sonar to fly, flock and find their prey. Bats are very light sensitive, which is why they are primarily nocturnal mammals

If you feel a Bat Colony has taken to nesting on your property contact a professional at AllPest Pest Management for your quote on treatment and exclusion.

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