New England Rats Aren’t Even American

New England rats are actually Norway rats they’re generally gray, brown or black, with small eyes, ears and tails shorter than their bodies. A Norway rat will grow up to 12 inches, will avoid humans but can be aggressive if confronted.

Where do I find them?

The Norway rat is the largest, most common rat in the world. In the suburbs or on farmland it lives in fields, wooded areas, barns and sheds. When living in the city the rat can be seen in vacant lots and buildings. Rats will nest in underground burrows and will fearlessly enter buildings in search of food. With the size of the Norway rat, it can still fit in a hole about the size of a quarter to gain entry to a building. Once inside a building, the Norway rat chews through electrical wiring that can lead to fires and seek a safe food and water supply to nest. Removing rat infestations requires professional rodent control expertise that can get them out and keep them out.

What they eat?

Everything! Norway rats will eat practically anything, although they prefer meat, fish and cereal but can live off garbage cans, discarded and rotted food or whatever is lying around your home. Remember, rats are known to spread numerous diseases, will bite and attack children or small animals.

Avoid attracting Rats

To avoid attracting rats you must secure garbage cans, remove outdoor pet feeders and bait or place outdoor traps.

If you use firewood, keep it stored away from your home, remove leaves and refuse around your property, fix sources of moisture and shelter like indoor trashcans and dripping faucets.

ALLPEST Rodent Control

  • Eliminates the current rodent population.

  • Identify and eliminate food and water sources

  • Identify the rodent entry points and repair to prevent future issues.

Making your Massachusetts and New Hampshire home or business rat proof, ALLPEST will seal and treat all outdoor cracks or crevasses that can provide entry. Any openings around pipes, a/c units, outdoors faucet or anywhere pipes enter wood and masonry.

Contact us today for an estimate on your rat issue…

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