Common Basement Pests

Now that it's cold outside you'll find more pests have scampered inside your home for warmth. One of the most popular hideouts for pests are the basements of residential and commercial buildings.

Having pests in your basement is perfectly normal because it is the perfect environment for them to thrive; damp, dark and mostly uninhabited. Pests can’t survive long without a source of moisture, dark places where they can scuttle away from predators and safely nest. Fortunately, pests found in basements aren’t generally dangerous. Here’s a list of common basement bugs you may find. Silverfish Silverfish are silver-grey insects that can grow to be one inch long. They’re mostly active nocturnally, so to find them you will need to rummage around a bit. They can live off of paper, fabric, coffee, sugar, human hair and clothing. To treat a Silverfish infestation or issue, use a spray that leaves a residue. Centipedes Centipedes have a hundred feet, some have even more or less and they come in all shapes and sizes. They eat meat but aren’t generally interested in human flesh. To keep them out keep a clean space, if they do break in catch them in a jar and set them free outdoors. Mold mites Mold mites love a damp moldy basement. They are tiny insects you might not even spot, as they go about their business of feeding on a variety of dried and fresh foods they might find nearby. Mold Mites all you to squash them to your heart’s content, since the only one long-term solution is to get rid of the mold. Earwigs Earwigs are nocturnal pests that will typically scuttle out of cracks to feed on a variety of insects and plants, and can be found under rotting trees or in damp basements. Again, tidying up and keeping clean should help you steer clear of them.

Termites The presence of Termites is a big problem in any home. They establish big colonies and carve nests out of the wood in your house, introducing moisture and rot, which will literally destroy your home or business from the inside. Termites can’t be treated DIY, contact a pest control specialist immediately to avoid the immense damage they cause.

Cockroaches Cockroaches are the most disgusting creatures you’ve ever encountered and well known for their resiliency, even supposedly able to survive a nuclear explosion.Surprisingly Cockroaches do play a vital role in nature’s process of decomposition and are an essential part of the ecosystem. Cockroaches produce water, fortify soil with nutrients that plants need and recycle energy back into the ecosystem. The cockroach affects even pollination! Brown Recluse Spider One of the few dangerously venomous spiders in North America is commonly found living in basements. The Recluse is also the most misidentified inhabitant of every spider web in any home, when in fact the chances of you having a recluse in your basement is quite small.Brown recluse spiders are in a group known as “huntsmen,” roaming nocturnally through homes and clothing. Their bite can go unnoticeable at first, but develop into serious lesions and should be treated as soon as possible. Do you have bugs in your basement? You don’t have to go at it alone. Contact ALLPEST today.

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