Gardening Tips

When you begin gardening set your initial goals and stick to them. People who spend huge amounts of money to decorate their lawns and gardens with plastic decor and lawn nymphs are less interested in gardening and more so in hoarding useless crap. Gardening should help save money by providing a great hobby to keep your time invested in. It’s easy to spend a fortune every year creating a beautiful yard and garden but these tips may help save you money. Best to stick with indigenous and keep it cheap When vegetable gardening be sure to look for plants natural to your environment. Yes you can try to grow anything anywhere but no it doesn’t necessarily have to grow into anything healthy. Flowers don’t have to be seasonal Go with perennials instead of annuals for flowerbeds, they pollenate and spread yearly into larger areas but make for lovely gardens and save you money at the same time. Make your own compost Anything from kitchen scraps to coffee grounds can be recycled into compost, end result are better than potting soil from any nursery or store. Best part is you make it with garbage and it’s real easy to do. Be diverse with ground cover Instead of mulch which clumps, try pebbles or small lake rocks in your garden, this saves money on yearly renewal and water consumption. Plastic toys aren’t tools Sometimes quality gardening tools and accessories seem too expensive to invest in but save you money in the long run. You can also set aside clothing you only use for gardening, stuff you don’t care if it gets dirty or tears but remains comfortable when you’re in the dirt. Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Garden Gardening is sometime done for kids to learn about nature and interact with it, instead of being afraid of it. My first bug-bites were from my grandmother’s garden but so did my love for gardening. All gardens have insects and pests at one time or another, one with especially nasty health consequences is the very unwelcome mosquito. To minimize your exposure to mosquitoes you must eliminate their ability to procreate. Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, which you can easily remove by keeping your lawn and garden area free of any items where standing water collects. This means keeping your gutters clean and free of debris, making sure cans and bottles placed in closed recycling bins and keeping garbage can lids on tight at all times. Another smart option for your garden is to find predatory insects that feed on other insects, especially mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are a huge problem in gardens, you can plant mosquito deterrents like lemon thyme, which is believed to be an effective repellent for mosquitoes. Check your area for trees, shrubs or bushes that attract birds who eat mosquitoes, which can diminish your mosquito population. Purple Martins, dragonflies, frogs and toads are well known for eating mosquitoes and found in abundantly in most areas.

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