Office Infestation Prevention

Workplace studies have found that workstations or cubicle drawers and keyboard hold enough scraps and crumbs to feed an insect army! In fact, recent studies have shown- not surprisingly- that the break room at work tops the list of places pests love to infest. If you’re reading this at work, take your keyboard, flip it over and give it a few shakes-don’t drop it!

Red peppers, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper and other delicious things may now be laying on your desk; lovely!

Easy ways to avoid your office becoming infested either overnight or over time…

Lay down the law: Keep It Clean!

Your office pays for a cleaning service of some kind, even if it’s your office and it’s just you doing it; time is money. Every employee should be tasked to clean up after him or herself, when using the break room. Everyone should be wiping off tables, counters and the inside of microwave ovens they use.

Take it to the hole: Trashcans Everywhere

If there is a garbage can nearby, people will use them or be told to use them until they do so on their own. All dogs can be taught some tricks, so can you employees. Point them in the right direction for trash, recycle where possible and make sure that trash cans primarily used for food are covered and emptied nightly.

That’s My Lid: Promote sealed dried goods

Keep break room snacks in zip seal bags, regularly clean the fridge of open food containers and provide zip seal sandwich bags for anyone with snacks they keep at their desk.

Scrub-a-dub-dub: Keep it clean

Have every employee go thru their personal area on a weekly basis with antiseptic wipe & a trash bag to clear out old foods. Remember to schedule for a deep clean as needed.

Spread the word: If You See Something Then Say Something

Pest control is more effective and efficient if the problem is addressed early. Tell employees to quietly report pest issues they see. Remind folks that pests have a nasty habit of migrating, so an ant or roach problem at the office can become one at home. Contact a pest management professional specializing in treating commercial spaces to make sure that your workplace is controlled safely and provided preventive strategies.


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