Protecting Your Attic from Boston Wildlife

While there have been no drastic temperature changes the nights are still starting to get a little colder. Animals are starting to hunker down for what may be one of the coldest winters in the Northeast. Our Boston wildlife removal specialists typically get a lot of calls in the fall and winter for mice, rats, bats, raccoons and squirrels in the attics so we have put together a list of tips to keep animals out of your attic.

Fix Home Damage Now

Most bigger animals such as raccoons, rats and squirrels will find a home with existing holes and attempt to make them bigger to let themselves in.

We suggest repairing the following:


Eave drips

Missing siding

Trim the Trees

If you haven't trimmed tree branches that are extending over your roof you should do so already. They not only provide a nice way for critters to reach your roof but present a danger during winter months as snow drifts can weigh down branches causing them to crash into your home.

Remove Clutter Around the House

Clutter provides nice hiding spaces for wildlife and if piled on provides a nice ladder to the attic. Clean it out!

Fix Gable Vents

Gable vents that are loose or missing provide great access points to your attic for bats so make these get fixed.

Chimney Aside from the attic chimney's make for the ultimate wildlife nesting place. You can prevent any invasions by capping your chimney.

Despite all these preventative measures sometimes wildlife still manages to make it into the house. If wildlife still manages to get into your Boston home give ALLPEST a call at1-800-714-4480

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