The Amazing Wildlife in Suffolk County, MA

Not very many people wonder what their pest guy does on their downtime but when I am not doing interesting things like crawling into crawl spaces or cleaning up after nasty infestations (pest control life is full of its perks) you'll find me out side ice fishing and just observing wildlife in general. There is nothing like being outdoors and having fun even amongst 5 foot of snow. Sometimes if I am lucky I will catch a glimpse of a harbor seal or 2. I often wonder why we have so much wildlife here its bad enough for the humans with the bitter winters but wildlife really takes a beating during the winter months. Its not suprising to our team during these months that the number of wildlife calls increase. If I was out here on a regular basis I would seek the nearest available home I could find. So I would like to address some of the common questions that we receive.

What will keep skunks away from my property?

  • We suggest using fox and dog urine or ammonia as a barrier around the property since they are a skunks natural predator.

​Should I kill a skunk that's on my property?

  • At ALLPEST we encourage humane removal of any wildlife on your property. Remember skunks only spray when they feel threatened. Trapping when done by a professional causes no harm to the offending wildlife and allows it to be relocated to a more suitable remote location.

How can I get rid of coyotes in my backyard?

  • Most often we find coyote issues in homes that have pets when they leave food out. We suggest storing food inside the home and also eliminating any and all possible sources of food such as keeping garbage cans stowed away in the garage and removing any fruit and seeds that have fallen to the ground.

  • Remove any cover - Coyotes love anything that can keep them covered so make sure your yard is bare of anything they can use to hide themselves.

  • Build an exclusion fence- To help keep coyotes out consider building an exclusion fence. They're pretty simple to make or you can purchasing them at your local home improvement store

How do I keep deer off of my property?

  • While I personally loving seeing deer in my backyard in the winter they wreak havoc during warmer months so building an exclusion fence before gardening season is a must.

  • Let your dog have some brief fun time in the snow - When you see a deer in your yard let out your dog and they will run in a jiffy!

  • Add levels to your yard. Deer don’t enjoy climbing up or down steep or sheer slopes. Sunken beds, terraces, and chopped wood can be added to the landscape to prevent deer from entering too far into your yard.

How do I prevent raccoons from being attracted to my property?

  • While raccoons may look cute they carry rabies and should not be fed under any circumstances.

  • Keep trash and pet food stored in the garage not the backyard

  • Buy bear proof trash cans if a garage is not an option

Sometimes however wildlife gets out of hand in that case contact us for an assessment and prompt removal.

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