Bug of the Month - Lovebug

Since it is Valentines Day week we felt the most appropriate bug to highlight this month should be the Love Bug. The lovebug is a species of fly found in parts of Central America and the southeastern United States, especially along the Gulf Coast. This species in named the Lovebug due to males and females need to stick to each other at all times.

While not common in Boston if you travel during the spring or summer to either Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana you might catch a glimpse of this unusual species of bug flying by the thousands. These bugs generally have a short lifespan of about 4-9 months give or take.

While not a common household pest like a termite, cockroach ant or the like they do become quite a nuisance during their two flight and mating seasons which occur in late spring and early summer. Their bodies themselves are incredibly acidic and because they tend to exist near highways they often make their way onto cars and if left on a car too long can cause pits and etches in the paint of cars. They also have been known to clog radiators and cover windshields. This is especially true for light colored cars, which they seem to be attracted to the most.

Fun facts:

  1. Female lovebugs can lay as many as 100-350 eggs

  2. Mating between lovebugs takes place immediately after emergence of the adult females.

  3. Lovebug eggs generally hatch after 2–4 days

  4. Urban legend holds that lovebugs are synthetic

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