Ask a Boston Pest Control Expert - Cockroaches, and Other Bugs In cars

Let's face it the winters in Boston this year have been brutal. With that being said we on occasion get pest control calls in which users ask "I've recently discovered ants" and sometimes we even hear of cockroaches in cars so we figured we'd clear things up as to what to do.

So, what should you do if you discover an infestation of insects in your vehicle?

First, don't spray insecticide or use foggers inside your car. This will leave toxic residues inside your car!


If you're in the city of Boston we suggest heading over to Bubbles Car Wash on Southampton St to get an outside wash and a thorough detail. Bugs love food scraps in car interiors so make sure they check under, between and beside seats, clean carpets, and so forth.

Cockroaches and ants will exploit any food source you leave for them. A few Cheerios (tm) can support a cockroach for weeks. Don't make it easy for them to set up shop in your car, or your home for that matter.

Social insects like bees and wasps will make nests inside car doors and under the hood especially if the cars are not driven frequently. Cleaning alone, won't get rid of bees and wasps so contacting our professionals to remove the nest is your best bet. We suggest driving your car at least twice a week to avoid nesting issues.

Carbon dioxide fumigation

While chemicals cannot be used for car fumigation we can do carbon dioxide fumigation. Carbon dioxide gas is lethal to most insects. Carbon dioxide is commonly used to control pests in plants and flowers. While you can read all about how to do this online we suggest you contact our Boston pest control experts. If you try to do it yourself it can be lethal.

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