Pest Free Holidays

The first step to having a pest-free holiday is knowing which pests might spend the season in your house and how to tell if they have already moved in. Summer vacation is a great time to get together with family and friends; often the only things that will affect these days are Thunderstorms and backyard pests. While you can't change New England weather, you can do everything possible to keep your home and yard free from annoying insects for the summer.


Tiny resourceful pests, if you've seen ants on your driveway or in your kitchen, they’re probably already living in your backyard and find a way to crash your backyard party. Most house ants are annoying and harmless, while Carpenter Ants can damage wood and Fire Ants swarm and attack. If you enjoy grilling and spending time outdoors, ALLPEST can keep your yard pest free, and can also perform indoor treatments.

Bedbugs, Fleas & Ticks

In the New Hampshire/ Boston area it seems like there's a bad Flea/Tick/Bedbug outbreak or infestation every year. No one likes these tiny bloodsuckers or their bites to ruin a good family get together. If you're planning on having kids and family pets over for Summer BBQ Days, it's a good idea to get your lawn treated for these tiny nuisances. Bedbugs, Fleas and Ticks are known to carry blood-borne diseases, infestations should be treated immediately.


Mosquitoes want to invade your cookout and enjoy the fireworks display. These vampire pests are infamous for inflicting irritating bites and transmitting numerous illnesses, such as West Nile virus, Bird Flu and Encephalitis. You can reduce mosquito populations near your yard by removing sources of standing water and fogging your area. Ideally, standing water should be eliminated to prevent eggs and larvae from maturing, while hedges and brush should be sprayed to target adults that rest in these sheltered areas.


Mice will flock into basements and crawlspaces in search of shelter and food, as soon as the winter months give way. If your home is infested with mice, the clearest sign will be their tiny brown pellet droppings; their pungent urine can also be detected by using a backlight. Chewed food packaging, scratching on doors and drywall are other signs of a mouse infestation.


Termites are been known to settle into homes during winter months, trying to take advantage of the warmth. Every year, these dreaded insects cause millions of dollars in property damage across the USA. They can obliterate home values and ruin businesses when left unchecked. For prevention, keep an eye out for Termite’s shed wings and mud tubes around your foundation, baseboards and among the basement or attic rafters. Sagging floors and walls are also sure signs of termite infestation.


Ah, the vile, disgusting Cockroach will often spend their winters in your drains, crawlspaces or basements, concocting their plans for infestation and domination. Some of them will wander into open areas and be clearly seen, while the colony grows secretly in the dark. Once they find a food source, a small family of hibernating cockroaches could turn into an infestation. Discovering an infestation is never a good day, because it’s a cockroach infestation.


It’s pretty normal to see a lone spider or two, here and there. Most people think that these creepy bugs are done and gone when temperatures drop, but spiders survive much the same as cockroaches, inside of your warm house; particularly in less-traveled places like the attic and the crawlspace. Finding one or two spiders is relatively fine; it’s when their population gets out of hand that you may find yourself on the verge of screaming. Since spiders feed on other bugs, they usually move in once your home is already infested with something else, they just won’t leave on their own. A telltale sign of spider presence is an abundance of webs littered with insect carcasses.


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