What Our Boston Exterminators Would Like You to Know

Our Boston pest control experts know that you don’t always have to call a local pest control company when you see insects and rodents in and around your home.

Here are 8 things our Boston exterminators would like you to know:

DIY Is Not the Way to Go When You Have a Serious Infestation

Home insecticides, while easy to use, won't work on all types of pest and will do little to alleviate severe infestation problems. Some pesticides may even aggravate your pest problem. If an infestation is suspected contact our Boston pest control experts right away.

Pest Control Is a Team Process

Our exterminators use everything in our book of tricks to get rid of pests but it's important that our clients work with us. If we recommend sealing cracks and crevices to in your home keep rodents, ants, wildlife, cockroaches or termites away, follow our advice. This is an effective pest control technique — something that you will have to do yourself or with the help of a carpenter or contractor.

You Can’t Keep All Pests Away From Your Home

Even though you may have an exceptionally clean house and have every crevice sealed some insects that will still creep into your home. Bed bugs are a great example, they will get into your luggage during hotel stays. Always make sure when you check into your room to keep your luggage off the ground. Once you’re home, inspect your luggage and clothing outdoors to make sure bed bugs have not made their way in.

Clean Kitchen ≠ Pest Free Kitchen

While most pests like to hang out in the kitchen this is not the only room in the home pests will go to. Damp areas such as basements in the home are also popular areas for pests. We suggest purchasing dehumidifiers for basements and cleaning up standing water promptly.

Not Seeing Any Pests ≠ a Pest-Free Home

While you may not see pests lurking and they may seem to disappear after treatment there's always a possibility they will reappear especially during winter as they attempt to escape the cold.

Not All Pests are Bad

Not all insects are dangerous or pose health risks. Spiders, may be startle most people but in general most are harmless. Spiders are also great for natural pest control.

Inform Your Neighbors If You’re Having a Pest Issue

While this may seem embarrassing if you live in a multi-family unit such as an apartment rodent, roach, and bedbug may get into your neighbors units. We suggest You alerting them so they can take preventive measures to keep these pests out.

You Won’t Have to Worry About the Safety of the Treatments Our Boston Exterminators Use:

Our Boston exterminators will implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. We will use eco-friendly pest control means.

We hope you choose our licensed exterminators to help you deal with pest problems. Contact ALLPEST today!

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