Spider Control in Boston and the Suburbs


At AllPest pest control and management, we pride ourselves on recognizing and treating infestation or pest problems effectively, expeditiously and expertly. If you've seen a spider walking across the coffee table or along the living room wall but don't know if it's poisonous or not, here are some of the known spiders throughout the New Hampshire and Massachusetts area.

Spined Micrathena Spider


Found in western Massachusetts’ forests, the female has distinctive abdominal ridges while males are mostly black or white. Females can also be yellow and brown and are about 1/3 of an inch long.

Cross Orb Weaver Spider


¼ to ½ inch long brown, spotted abdomen and small legs, young spiders are darker & mature ones are generally light brown and yellow. There are two scalloped lines and several white dots creating what looks like a cross on the spider’s body.

Goldenrod Crab Spider


The goldenrod crab spider uses a camouflage of changing yellow with red tones and does not spin webs; instead it stalks its prey. Bites only occur if provoked in someway and generally produce pain and discomfort only.

Bold Jumper

The ¾ inch bold jumper spider is a black, hairy spider with a green-tinted mouth and very large forward eyes on its cephalothorax. It hunts during the day, which makes human bites rare; the bite is comparable in pain to a bee sting and has no serious symptoms.

House Spider

The house spider, are alternating tan or dark brown in, with the main torso generally a dark brown usually adorned with lighter-colored designs. Commonly found in homes, attics, basements and ceilings; making compact, fluffy webs in the corners of rooms and other structures. Some may bite although a rarity and none are known to kill or cause harm.

Daddy Long Legs Spider

Long legged spiders, known to live in tree trunks, organic materials and can often be seen scurrying across lawns or gardens. Although they may scare a child or someone with an aversion to spiders, the Daddy Long-legs are harmless.

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are large, hairy and sometimes more terrifying than other spiders in our area. Either gray or brown in color, adorned with stripes and other designs. You can often find wolf spiders in or around windows, doors and houseplants, or outside in gardens and under rocks.

Black Widow

Female black widows are easy to spot, with large hourglass bodies and round abdomens featuring distinctive hourglass marking red in color. Males have longer & thinner abdomens with red and white designs on their sides. Black Widows are commonly found in basements, woodpiles or under other man-made structures. Children and elderly individuals are more likely to succumb to bites, with serious symptoms including chest pain, fainting, elevated heart rate, elevated blood pressure and respiratory complications.

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